ikken 家具と建築




「ikken 家具と建築」
アートディレクション、ブックデザイン / 林里佳子
写真 / 辻井祥太郎、マエシロアヤノ
テキスト / 吉田隆人、佐藤千紗
翻訳 / 伊藤俊一
装画 / 有瀬龍介

For the first time in three years, we will be holding an pre-order furniture event at ARTS&SCIENCE.
We started making a booklet about a year ago to introduce the furniture and the furniture craftsmen who made it, and it ended up as a solid 100-page book introducing the furniture and architecture.
We will be selling this book at ARTS&SCIENCE during the exhibition period, so please come and take a look.We are planning to exhibit 30 kinds of furniture including new pieces at HIN in Kyoto from October 5 and at A&S Daikanyama in Tokyo from October 26.You will be able to touch and feel the furniture, we are looking forward to seeing you soon!